New Minimally Invasive Doppler-Guided Hemorrhoid Treatment: A Permanent Solution

Patients suffering from the discomforts of hemorrhoids now have another option. Specialists in the Cleveland Clinic Digestive Disease and Surgery Institute are the only in Northeast Ohio now offering the latest – and most accurate – procedure that treats even the most uncomfortable cases of hemorrhoids.

This new procedure, called Doppler-guided hemorrhoid treatment, is a less painful technique for treating hemorrhoids. The specialist uses ultrasound (sound waves) to find the rectal arteries that are supplying blood to the hemorrhoid. Once located, the specialist ties off the blood flow.

Studies have shown Doppler-guided hemorrhoid treatment is as effective as traditional hemorrhoid treatments, but with less pain and a quicker recovery.

The outpatient procedure can be done as fast as 20 minutes at Beachwood Family Health Center. Most patients experience only minor discomfort and can return to work within 24 to 48 hours. The procedure effectively alleviates the pain, itching and/or bleeding associated with hemorrhoids, and without a blood supply the hemorrhoids eventually shrivel and die.

Doppler-guided hemorrhoid treatment is only one of a full range of treatment options offered by specialists at the Digestive Disease and Surgery Institute. U.S. News & World Report has ranked our digestive disease services as No. 2 in the nation every year since 2003 and No.1 in Ohio since 1990.

To find out whether Doppler-guided hemorrhoid treatment is right for you, call 800.223.2273, ext. 46536 or 216.444.6536.

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