Total Body CT Scanning is a new diagnostic technique that uses computer tomography to help identify potential problems and diseases before symptoms even appear.

What can the scan reveal?

A Total Body CT (TBCT) can provide a "snapshot" of the body's anatomy, giving the physician a clear and detailed look inside the body. The Total Body CT scan analyzes three major areas of the body: the lungs, the heart, and the abdomen/pelvis. The lung CT can detect early, potentially malignant nodules. In the heart, the scan can detect aortic aneurysms and calcium deposits within plaque in the coronary arteries. In the abdomen/pelvis area, the scan can identify kidney stones and some cysts, enlarged lymph nodes, large abdominal masses, abdominal aneurysms, an enlarged spleen, a fatty liver, limited masses, and large pelvic masses.

For high-risk individuals, the proposed benefit of having a TBCT Scan lies in the potential of early detection and treatment. As an educated consumer, you need to weigh the benefits against any potential risks of having a TBCT scan. Take into consideration your individual circumstances, including risk factors and family history. High risk factors may include:

  • An individual or family history of coronary artery disease
  • An individual or family history of abdominal aneurysm
  • Being 45 years old or older
  • Smoking at least on pack of cigarettes a day for at least 10 years regardless if you no longer smoke
  • History of high cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure
  • Being overweight
  • An inactive lifestyle
  • Concerns about abdominal and/or pelvic disease

Making an informed decision

This scan may not be for everyone. An explanation of the benefits and limitations of CT scanning and a Cleveland Clinic physician health risk assessment will be completed before all CT screening scans. This may be completed at your appointment time upon arrival prior to your scan. If you want to schedule a TBCT appointment/consultation at Cleveland Clinic, call the Radiology Scheduling Coordinator at 800.720.1194 or 216.738.5460.

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