Dileep Nair, MD, explains the purpose and advantages of patient management conferences.

After the necessary tests are completed, your case will be presented at Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center’s weekly Patient Management Conference.

Here, a multidisciplinary group — including epileptologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, neuroradiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, a bio-ethicist, social workers and nurses — gathers to review and discuss all the data collected. If the data clearly shows a definite, localized seizure focus that can be removed without creating significant risk of loss of function, the decision to offer surgery can be made at this point.

Other professionals may be consulted to further assist with the surgical experience. Special Child Life workers help prepare children by explaining procedures and touring monitoring units and operating rooms before surgery. Social workers and bioethicists work closely with the epilepsy team to help resolve issues patients may have related to surgery.


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