How can I tell if my bra fits well?

Ninety percent of women wear a bra every day; however, many wear the wrong size. Breast tissue needs to be supported throughout the day. An ill-fitting bra can lead to all sorts of problems. For example, breast pain can occur if your bra is too loose or too tight. Breast droop can occur if the breasts are not held firmly in place, even when walking. Physical changes in a woman’s body can also affect proper bra fit. A woman’s shape and weight can change over time. Even a 10-pound weight gain or weight loss can change how your bra fits.

A professional bra fitter can help you make sure you are selecting the correct bra size. Wearing the correct size will make a huge difference in how your breasts look and feel. A proper fit will also enhance how you look in your clothes and help improve your self-confidence. Complimentary bra fittings are typically offered in larger department stores in your local mall or specialty millinery shops.



Keys to a properly fitted bra

A. Bra straps are not too loose or tight and remain vertical B. Underwires/band and center front of bra lie flat on the chest C. Cups are not wrinkled nor does breast tissue overflow cup D. Bra band is parallel to the body around entire body

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 06/10/2016.


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