The Cleveland Clinic Critical Care program boasts a variety of conferences throughout the week on topics ranging from advanced echocardiography to hemodynamics and ventilator management to dilemmas surrounding end of life care. Fellow conferences are created with specific educational objectives in mind and follow a 24 month comprehensive critical care curriculum. Core topics are covered in our monthly "Education and Practice Days," which focus on a specific topic or skill set. During Education and Practice Days, fellows are excused from their clinical responsibilities and spend the day learning from invited experts from around the world as well as content champions within Cleveland Clinic. These days offer a structured and thorough assessment of major themes within critical care medicine and take advantage of our goal to provide a high yield, comprehensive educational experience for each fellow.

In addition to Education and Practice Days, fellows are required to attend a series of one-hour conferences throughout the week, each with a specific educational objective. In these conferences, fellows have the opportunity to explore areas such as ventilator management, echocardiography, and critical care pathophysiology. To keep things interesting, fellows present topics in multiple formats from journal club, pro-con debates, classic papers in critical care, ethics forums and others.

Beyond these conferences, fellows enjoy full support from the Respiratory Institute to attend a major international conference in each year of fellowship. First year fellows attend the Society of Critical Care Meeting. Second year fellows attend a conference of their choice where they are expected to present their scholarly work.

Summary of Conferences

Conference Sessions Goal Frequency
Fellows Boot Camp ICU Procedure Simulation
Bronchoscopy Simulation
Critical Care Echo Simulation
Basic Airway Simulation
QI and Research Introduction
Service Orientation
Core Procedures Annual (beginning of fellowship)
CCM Education Days   Core Didactics Monthly
CCM Practice Days Research in Progress
Journal Club Classics
Clinical Case Series
Critical Care Physiology
Board Review
Medical Knowledge/Practice Based
CCM Thursday Conference Journal Club
Protocol/Guideline Review
End of Life Controversies
Case Based Topics
Patient Care/Medical Knowledge/Communication Weekly
National Conference   Scholarship/Networking/Communication Annual
CMM Echo/Vent Rounds   Core Procedures/Didactics Weekly
Additional Simulation Advanced Airway
Mechanical Ventilation (SEVA)
Core Procedures/Didactics Throughout Year