Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model

A model that was developed, tested, and refined with more than 5,000 caregivers across the Cleveland Clinic Health System enables us to create practices through which every caregiver is capable, empowered, and expected to make improvements every day.

The application of this model enables us to improve all aspects of our care.

  • Patient Safety
  • Patient Quality
  • Patient Experience
  • Caregiver Experience
  • Affordability

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Our method that drives improvement across the enterprise.

About Us

The Continuous Improvement Department is a group of professionals with backgrounds in lean, six sigma, and project management. We support the enterprise by building capability for all caregivers to solve problems. Led by our Medical Director Dr. Lisa Yerian, this team aligns their support to the organization’s priority areas.


See and hear the cultural impact of the improvement model on both our patients and caregivers as our CEO visits with the teams across the enterprise.

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Improvement Model

Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model in Action

Continuous Improvement is transforming the way Cleveland Clinic caregivers approach their work. It is a way of thinking supported by tools that engages caregivers to deliver better quality at a lower cost.

Cleveland Clinic is working to build a culture in which every caregiver is empowered and expected to make improvements every day. Those improvements come in all sizes and take place in every corner of our organization.

Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model Sheet


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