Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

2020 Cleveland Clinic Fertility Center Program Summary

IVF LaboratoryCycles
Total Cycles Initiated976
Egg Retrieval Cycles378
Fresh Transfers24
Frozen Transfer Cycles450
Cryobanking Cycles*304
Donor Egg Retrievals15
Donor Frozen Embryo Transfers21

*cycles where all embryos cryopreserved for future transfer

Andrology Laboratory (Beachwood)
Semen Analysis654
Intrauterine Insemination Cycles662
2020 Clinical Pregnancy Rate – Frozen Transfers
No PGT-A TestingNo PGT-A TestingWith PGT-A TestingWith PGT-A Testing
Age of woman*<38>=38<38>=38
Number of transfers performed304585232
Positive hCG70.4%58.6%75.0%68.8%
Clinical pregnancy rate61.5%46.6%67.3%59.4%
Mean number of embryos transferred1.081.361.021.03

PGT-A: Preimplantation genetic testing of embryo for normal chromosome content

*Age of woman at time of embryo cryopreservation

2019 Live Birth Per New Patient
Age of Women<3535-3738-4041-42
Number of cycle starts148715320
Singleton births70.9%57.7%26.4%25.0%
Live Births71.6%59.2%26.4%25.0%
Singleton (percentage of live births)99.197.6%14/145/5
Twins (percentage of live births)0.9%2.4%0/140/5
Number of transfers performed188774719
Mean number attempts at egg retrieval for patients achieving a live births1.
Mean number of transfers for patients achieving a live birth1.
Mean number of embryos transferred1.
Implantation rate58.0%54.7%28.0%21.4%
2019 Live Birth Per Intended Egg Retrieval (All Transfers)
Age of Woman<3535-3738-4041-42>42
Number of cycle starts17888835316
Singleton births65.2%50.0%25.3%11.3%1/16
Live births66.3%52.3%25.3%11.3%1/16
Singleton (percentage of live births)98.3%95.7%100%6/61/1
Twins (percentage of live births)1.7%4.3%0%0/0-
Cryopreservation Rate*93.5%73.8%60.8%37.5%5/16
Number of transfers performed2008464319
Mean number of transfers for patients achieving a live birth1.
Mean number of embryos transferred1.

*Clinic specific data reported to CDC and Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART)

2019 Donor Egg Outcome Data

N is the total number of transfers for patients using donor eggs