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Center for Infant and Maternal Health

The Center for Infant and Maternal Health (CIMH) at Cleveland Clinic supports at-risk women from pregnancy through infant's first year with a focus on improved access, seamless care transitions, and enhanced community impact. We support programs and create infrastructures needed to coordinate clinical teams and community resources to continuously improve the care we provide to our patients. We identify and address drivers of health disparities and preventable morbidity and enhance community trust and engagement to improve health outcomes and achieve health equity.

Medical Complications in Pregnancy and Race

Black Women and Pregnancy Comorbidities - 2022

Although Black women only make up 18.4% of the birthing population in Cuyahoga County, they make up a disproportionate percentage of the individuals experiencing medical complications that impact pregnancy such as pre-existing diabetes (29.13%), hypertension (26.45%), and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (21.57%). These medical complications are linked with increased instances of preterm birth.

Medical Complications and Preterm Birth

Individuals experiencing medical complications are at an increased risk for preterm birth when compared with the general population. Of all pregnant individuals with pre-existing diabetes and hypertension, 35.71% and 29.71% gave birth preterm, respectively.

Preterm Birth Rates - Overall

The overall and spontaneous preterm birth rates have stayed stable over the past three years.

YearPreterm Birth %
Preterm Birth Rates - Spontaneous
YearPreterm Birth %
Preterm Birth Rates by Race

Despite the stable preterm birth rate from 2021-2022, we have managed to bend the curve and decrease preterm birth rates for our Black population through interventions targeting medically indicated preterm birth.