Our Mission:

To bridge the gap between digital health technologies and clinical practice through research and education by assessing these technologies and wearable devices, providing guidance to patients and health care providers and the community at large.

Ninety percent of Americans are connected to the internet, and 77% of them own a smartphone. These trends have laid the foundation for a digital health revolution to transform healthcare delivery, especially in cardiovascular care. Cardiovascular digital technology products include wearable and/or portable devices and apps used to monitor cardiovascular measurements.

Of issue is a substantial gap between technology advancements and changing behavior, and the expansion of digital health has not been matched by proper testing or oversight. Additionally, this unprecedented acceleration in technology raises the question of our patients’ ability to adapt to these constantly evolving tools used in their daily care. Most importantly, there is an urgent need to understand if these products can change outcomes, rather than simply record data.


The objectives of the HVI Center for Digital Health Technologies are to:

  • Explore and evaluate cardiovascular digital technology products, including wearable devices, smart phone-enabled devices and apps
  • Assess patient adoption of new technology
  • Measure acceptance and outcomes of cardiovascular digital technology
  • Determine the impact of digital technology on healthcare providers, including changes in clinical care, workflow and the ability to keep up with the pace of technology advancements
  • Provide guidance regarding use of devices for patients, healthcare providers and the healthcare system in general

The HVI Center for Digital Health Technologies will connect technology and innovation with testing and research and, most importantly, the clinical experts and patients to improve patient care, safety and experience in the future.

Our Team

Our Team

The HVI Center for Digital Health Technologies includes a multidisciplinary team of medical experts who are committed to enhancing digital health in a variety of cardiovascular settings.

Director: Khaldoun Tarakji, MD, MPH – Electrophysiology and Pacing

Additional experts from a variety of Cleveland Clinic resources including informatics and technology, research and legal departments assist in the evaluation and application of products, providing an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration.

Research & Publications

Research & Publications

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If you would like to learn more about the HVI Center for Digital Health Technologies or collaborate on innovative digital technologies for cardiovascular care, please contact:

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HVI Center for Digital Health Technologies
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