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Center for Facial Reconstruction & Facial Nerve Disorders

Cleveland Clinic's Center for Facial Reconstruction & Facial Nerve Disorders provides leading-edge reconstructive technology and expertise with an unparalleled success rate.
Dr. Michael Fritz performing reconstructive surgery

Why Choose the Center for Facial Reconstruction & Facial Nerve Disorders?

When a traumatic injury or illness changes your outward appearance dramatically or affects how you’re able to go about your day-to-day activities, our experts are here to help rebuild your facial features and your confidence. Building upon our foundation of unparalleled in-house care, Cleveland Clinic’s Facial Center brings together multiple experts from different disciplines. This collaboration brings patients the best care, from consultation to surgery to rehabilitation.

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Doctors, Programs and Medical Professionals

Cleveland Clinic patient posing with his two facial reconstruction surgeons

Our Doctors

We can help you choose the appropriate specialist from our multidisciplinary team of facial reconstruction surgeons.

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Cleveland Clinic provider looking at patient's mouth and throat

Specialty Programs

Our physicians, surgeons, nurses and other health care professionals work together in areas of expertise to provide the highest level of patient care.

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Facial reconstruction surgeons

For Medical Professionals

Explore the latest news and information geared towards providers and educatiors, including our referral process.

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Related Institutes at Cleveland Clinic

Related Institutes at Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic's Center for Facial Reconstruction and Facial Nerve Disorders is a collaborative effort that combines the expertise of multiple subspecialists, all dedicated to our patients’ surgical needs and functional recovery. Learn more about the clinical institutes from which our teams of specialists come from.

Online Virtual Visits

Online Virtual Visits

You can stay connected to your healthcare team though virtual visits, using your smartphone, tablet or computer. Ask your provider about what options are available.

Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Cheryl West reading a book in her kitchen

Patient’s Ability to Speak, Eat and Chew Is Restored After Cancer Treatment

Mar 9, 2020

“The doctors were great, and very patient with me. I did everything they told me to do to keep my strength up and take care of my mouth. They kept me going.”
Read Story
Evan Morris standing on a tennis court holding a racquet. (Courtesy: Cleveland Clinic)

Surgical Collaboration Benefits Skin Cancer Patient

Feb 14, 2020

“I’m so fortunate to live close enough to Cleveland Clinic to benefit from such an amazing, coordinated interdisciplinary institution. Everyone works in tandem, and the physicians are wonderfully talented and caring, each at the very pinnacle of their field.”
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Janet Biscotti

Surgical Treatment of Benign Tumor Restores Patient’s Appearance and Quality of Life

Jan 2, 2020

“Both doctors are total rock stars. The collaboration between them is amazing. I’d go to see Dr. Recinos, and he would have already had a conversation with Dr. Fritz. They worked really well as a team.”
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Surfer Returns to the Ocean after Near Total Nasal Reconstruction

Surfer Returns to the Ocean after Near Total Nasal Reconstruction

Dec 30, 2019

“That’s our ultimate goal — to improve the quality of life for our patients, doing whatever we can to get them back to doing what they want to do, living life on their terms.”
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College Student is Back to the Books after Palate Reconstruction

College Student is Back to the Books after Palate Reconstruction

Nov 19, 2019

“I think whenever you have to face anything like that, there’s going to be anxiety. But throughout my entire journey, everyone there was outstanding. This is what they specialize in, and they’re so good at it. All the worries I had were wasted energy. Cleveland Clinic exceeded my expectations in every way.”
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Groundbreaking Surgery Rebuilds Man’s Jaw After Radiation Damage

Groundbreaking Surgery Rebuilds Man’s Jaw After Radiation Damage

May 23, 2019

“The atmosphere of collaboration at Cleveland Clinic is not replicated in other places. The people here are unbelievable; they are always thinking about what is best for the patient. I love taking care of people and being innovative in how I can help them. The teamwork and success at Cleveland Clinic make that innovation possible.”
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