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Specialty Programs

Learn more about our specialty programs at Cleveland Clinic's Center for Facial Reconstruction and Facial Nerve Disorders for patients with complex facial reconstructive needs.
Our Specialty Programs

Cranial and Skull Base Reconstruction

When tumor removal will affect function of facial nerves or appearance of the head or face, we work to preserve or restore the individual’s facial appearance and function to as near to normal as possible.

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Head and Neck Cancer Reconstruction

Our experts specialize in reconstructing areas of the head and neck that are afflicted with cancer in order to provide both normal appearance and optimal function.

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Facial Reanimation and Management of Facial Nerve Disorders

Patients with facial movement disorders — the most common causes of which include Bell’s palsy, brain surgery and parotid gland surgery — benefit from our team’s high level of expertise.

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Facial Reconstruction Following Trauma

Our surgeons are experienced with primary and revision reconstruction following severe injury to the face, head or neck.

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Functional Rehabilitation and Management of Facial Pain Disorders

When patients experience facial and neck movement dysfunction or chronic pain, our team works together to return patients to a normal and pain-free life.

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Oromaxillofacial and Prosthodontic Reconstruction

Our experts combine efforts to optimize appearance and dental/oral function for patients diagnosed with a jaw tumor or who have facial deformity following trauma or previous surgery.

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Pediatric and Developmental Facial Deformities and Tumors

Our experienced and skilled surgeons work to achieve durable cancer control and the best cosmetic and functional outcomes for adults and children with rare and difficult pediatric facial tumors and deformities.

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Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Using the combined expertise of dermatologic, cancer and reconstructive surgeons, we can address the multiple challenges presented by large and/or recurrent skin cancers of the face and head.

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