Cadaver Procedure Lab

What is covered in the Cadaver Procedure lab?

Cadaver Procedure lab focuses on advanced airway and other life saving procedures performed by EMS personnel on human cadavers. This course is lead by a course physician experienced in Emergency Medicine. The course will include approximately 20 students with varying medical background, including emergency room physicians, internal Medicine and anesthesia residents, nurses, nurse practitioners, CCT transport teams and paramedics. 3-5 EMS Providers are permitted to attend each session. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

Basic Procedures include (but not limited to):

  • Intubation by direct laryngoscopy/LMA/King LT/Gum Elastic Bougie
  • Needle and Surgical Cricothyrotomy
  • Needle decompression of chest for tension pneumothorax
  • EZ-IO access- tibia and humerus placement
  • Thoracostomy tube placement

Advanced Procedures( at some labs)

  • Retrograde Intubation with jet ventilation/transtracheal ventilation
  • Lateral Canthotomy
  • Arthrocentesis of knee, shoulder and ankle
  • Open lateral Thoracotomy

4 hours of Continuing Education will be given.

Course Directors/Staff

Instructor: Dr. James Sauto,MD
Emergency Service Institute
Procedure Lab Co-Director
216.445.1584 or

Tom Beers, Manager of Emergency Services
EMS Coordinator, Main Campus
216.444.4515 or

Registration is limited to 3-5 pre-hospital participants depending on resident enrollment.

More information, including study packet will be sent via a welcome email approximately 1 week prior to the course by the Course Director. This email will contain specific instructions, proper attire, classroom location, parking instructions and other pertinent information.

Registration is limited to 3-5 pre-hospital participants only depending on resident enrollment.

How do I register for the Cadaver Procedure Labs?

Register for the Cadaver course by using our EMS Calendar.

Are CEU's granted for completing this course?

4 hour CEU's will be granted upon completion of the course via the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus EMS/CEB Accreditation number.