Readmissions and Mortality

Risk-Adjusted Mortality O:E Ratio (All Patients Admitted to Community Care's Service)

2019 – 2021

O:E ratio = observed deaths to expected deaths

Source: Data from the Vizient® Clinical Data Base used with permission of Vizient, Inc. All rights reserved.

To compare performance across all institutions in terms of mortality, the observed vs expected mortality ratio (O:E) is utilized. The expected mortality is based on the patient's clinical acuity and severity of comorbidities. Therefore, institutions with a higher case mix index have a higher expected mortality. However, when the observed mortality is lower than the expected, the ratio becomes less than 1.

The goal for O:E ratio varies from 1 institution to another as well as within the same institution year to year.

The current graph demonstrates an improvement in patient outcomes with a decrease in O:E mortality since 2019. Vizient data are used in this calculation to make effective comparisons.