General Anesthesia Clerkship

The Anesthesiology Institute offers clinical clerkships to fourth year medical students of U.S.-based medical schools. The anesthesiologist clerkship director designs a rotation for each student individually.

The schedule may include:

  • Assignment to all major areas of the Institute, including pre-anesthesia testing, intravenous catheter placement, the anesthesia simulator, general anesthesia, cardiothoracic anesthesia, pain management, critical care and anesthesia research.
  • Where possible, the student is assigned to a senior resident or staff in the clinical areas.
  • Further educational support comes from didactic presentations provided by the clerkship director and others.

Anesthesia Critical Care Clerkship

The Institute also sponsors a clerkship for fourth year medical students in Anesthesiology Critical Care. During this elective, the student is assigned to one of the teams caring for patients in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

The student learns management of critically ill patients, advanced invasive monitoring and resuscitation. Participation in regular conferences adds a further academic element. Student evaluation is provided to the medical school based on written feedback from selected staff. Career counseling in reference to anesthesiology is provided, as well as letters of recommendation for residency applications as appropriate.

Anesthesia Rotations

The Institute also supports anesthesia rotations for residents from emergency medicine, dentistry, oral surgery, internal medicine, cardiology and general surgery.

Applying for a Clerkship

Clinical electives are available to students who are in their final year of medical school and meet the required criteria for academic credit.

Scholarship for Underrepresented Students

The Anesthesiology Institute, in line with the Cleveland Clinic, seeks to give students from backgrounds underrepresented in medicine the opportunity to spend time learning firsthand what it is like to be a resident at the Anesthesiology Residency program at Cleveland Clinic and have the opportunity to meet with residents, faculty and our program director to understand the Cleveland Clinic culture. This program’s mission is to develop future clinical, academic and educational leaders, as we are committed to further enhancing the diversity of our trainees and graduates.