Message from the Vice Chair for Education

Welcome to the Center for Anesthesiology Education (CAE).  In line with the mission of the Cleveland Clinic outlined by its founding physicians since its inception in 1921 to “Provide better care for the sick, investigation into their problems, and education of those who serve”, our goal is to train future leaders in the field of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine, who have a life-long commitment to continually improving patient outcomes through clinical practice, outcomes research and lifelong learning, thereby also advancing the specialty of anesthesiology. The CAE is committed to providing a learning environment that is conducive to a world class education, while providing frequent and effective feedback to assess learner’s progression of milestones.

We draw on several adult learning theories (andragogy) to provide educational curricula that are dynamic, relevant, interactive, level specific, innovative and are based on a needs assessment that comes from our learners. We embrace a care team approach to patient care with trainees providing effective, compassionate and safe patient care under faculty supervision.

From wellness curricula and emotional intelligence training to simulation training on crisis resource management, our graduates are highly sought after due to their unprecedented exposure to complex cases across a wide variety of anesthesiology subspecialties with supervision by world renowned anesthesiologists with a passion for education. 


Maged Argalious, MD, MBA. MSc, MEd, FASE, FASA
Professor and Vice Chair for Education, Anesthesiology Institute



The CAE core administration group has been instrumental in changing the curriculum and philosophy of education offered within the Anesthesiology Institute. Curriculum changes for the resident training program include the implementation of a novel 4-year continuum of training, which integrates internship curriculum with subspecialty training in anesthesia. The curriculum has received national recognition, including an International Anesthesia Research Society Innovation in Teaching Award.

Individualized Lectures and Cutting-Edge Simulation Centers

Each class has individualized lectures during a dedicated “academic day” each week. The addition of remote video conferencing has expanded the reach of our educational programs to outlying facilities in Cleveland Clinic health system.

In anticipation of healthcare reform, the Anesthesiology Institute is taking measures to ensure our education programs prepare trainees for success. We have welcomed the addition of the Debra Ann November Pediatric Airway and Pulmonary Mechanics Lab, a new airway simulation center, as well as the full-scale simulation center in HealthSpace, where new curriculums are being designed, investigated and implemented. The School of Nurse Anesthesia is integrating more simulation into its curriculum by conducting classes in airway management, insertion of invasive monitoring lines and the use of ultrasound for regional anesthesia at the HealthSpace simulation center.