The Department of Regional Anesthesiology provides anesthesia services at many community hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers throughout Ohio. Our subspecialties include anesthesia for cardiac, thoracic, obstetrics/gynecology, neurosurgery, major vascular, orthopaedics, urologic, pediatric, plastics as well as general surgery, acute pain, special procedures in radiology, emergency medicine, trauma, and gastroenterology. The Regional Practice also houses the Pre-Anesthesia Consultation Clinics throughout Ohio, these clinics provide pre-anesthesia screening for patients.

Anesthesia Regional Sites



Regional Practice Anesthesiology Physician Leadership

Medical Directors

Eastern Sector

Southern Sector

  • Maureen Keshock, MD
    Medical Director Anesthesiology Services, Medina Hospital, Norton & Parkwest ASC
  • John George III, MD
    Medical Director Anesthesiology Services, Marymount ASC (Sports Health Center)
  • Jagan Devarajan, MD
    Medical Director Anesthesiology Services Marymount Hospital (South Sector Director)

Western Sector

Regional Practice Anesthesiology Nursing Leadership

  • Brittany Irwin, CRNA Senior Director CRNA
  • Margaret Contrera, CRNA, DNP Assistant CRNA/AA Director
  • Susan Watson, CRNA Chief Certified RN Anesthetist- Eastern Sector
  • Scott Cleary, CRNA Chief Certified RN Anesthetist- Southern Sector
  • Pilar Hutter, CRNA Chief Certified RN Anesthetist- Western Sector