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Patients First
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We imagine the best care possible, invent it through research and then share it with the world. In 2021, we provided care for 2.9 million patients, with 10.2 million outpatient visits in locations around the globe. Our caregivers continued to work collaboratively and courageously to provide the highest quality of care during the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Commitment to Patients First

Our Commitment to Patients First

Patient Experience

Our caregivers provide compassionate care, following our guiding principle to treat patients like family.

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Patient Safety & Quality of Care Data

By standardizing our approach to care and fostering a culture of safety, our caregivers drive continuous improvement for exceptional patient outcomes.

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COVID-19 Care for Patients

We responded to new COVID-19 variants and surges by increasing access to testing, conducting research, championing vaccination and continuing to provide safe, empathetic care.

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Accessible & Integrated Care

Our goal is to make it easy and equitable to use our services by delivering quality care uniformly and meeting the needs of our patients proactively.

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