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Our Commitment to Environmental Health | Cleveland Clinic

Our Commitment To Environmental Health

Cleveland Clinic promotes leadership in sustainability to address the impacts of pollution on public health, increase caregiver engagement, reduce costs and build upon our global reputation. Recognized as an industry leader, Cleveland Clinic launched its sustainability program in 2007 to lessen our environmental impacts.

Environmental Sustainability Goals

Issue Goal 2020 Progress
Climate Carbon neutral (scope 1 and 2) by 2027 24% overall and 34% intensity reduction
Energy Reduce energy use per square foot by 40% from 2010 baseline by 2030 25% reduction
Local & Sustainable Food Source at least 30% of food for main campus from local and/or sustainable sources 46% sourced
Waste Divert 100% of non-hazardous waste from landfill by 2027 29% diversion
Water Reduce water use per square foot by 10% from 2016 baseline by 2027 11% reduction

In addition to the goals listed above, we also have commitments to green buildings and transportation, sustainable purchasing, toxicity reduction, annual sustainability reporting, caregiver and community engagement, tree planting and sustainability education.

Environmental Health Reporting

Environmental Health Reporting

Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of our facilities promotes clean air, supports our climate resilience commitment and enables us to reinvest savings in initiatives that support our mission.

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Climate Resilience

We support climate resilience efforts at the industry level and in our communities by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, planting trees and advocating for climate-smart healthcare.

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Waste Reduction

Through our efforts to reduce, reuse, recycle, reprocess and compost, we strive to prevent all non-hazardous waste from entering landfills.

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Healthy Buildings

Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate to design and operate buildings that promote human and environmental health.

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Sustainable Procurement

We promote sustainability in the healthcare value chain by sourcing sustainable products and engaging with suppliers on advancing their sustainability practices and commitments.

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Water Stewardship

Our efforts to safeguard water quality include responsibly managing stormwater and wastewater, and we also work to conserve water by implementing efficiency measures at our facilities.

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Office for a Healthy Environment

Office for a Healthy Environment

Cleveland Clinic is committed to healthy environments for healthy communities. Learn more about our enterprise wide sustainability office.

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