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Sustainability & Global Citizenship Report

Serving Our Present, Caring for Our Future
About the Sustainability & Global Citizenship Report | Cleveland Clinic

About the 2021 Report

Cleveland Clinic is proud to present its 12th consecutive annual sustainability and global citizenship report — Serving Our Present, Caring for Our Future. This report covers our activities and progress on our most significant environmental, social and governance issues in calendar year 2020. As a leading healthcare organization committed to sustainability and transparency, we measure our progress in accordance with the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles, UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Reporting Initiative standards.

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View Our Sustainability & Global Citizenship Report for 2021

View Our Sustainability & Global Citizenship Report for 2021

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Our vision is to be the best place for care anywhere. Our multidisciplinary teams are providing exceptional care to more patients in more places with the goal of doubling the number of lives we touch by 2024.

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To attract, engage and develop outstanding caregivers, we created a Caregiver Office that is dedicated to promoting engagement and preventing burnout.

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Through our Community Health Strategy, we are committed to educating, investing, hiring and healing in the communities in which we operate.

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We engage our caregivers in natural resource stewardship and promote healthy environments for healthier communities.

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We uphold ethical principles at the highest level and foster a culture in which caregivers are empowered to speak up with concerns.

View Previous Reports

View Previous Reports

The 2021 report is our 12th consecutive Communication on Progress and reflects our work in the 2020 calendar year.

Report Disclosure Index

Report Disclosure Index

This index includes our GRI disclosures, table of U.N. Global Compact Principles, and UN Sustainable Development Goals with the appropriate links to the corresponding sections of the online report.

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