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Sustainability & Global Citizenship Report

Serving Our Present, Caring for Our Future
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About the 2022 Report

Cleveland Clinic is proud to present its 13th consecutive annual sustainability and global citizenship report, Serving Our Present, Caring for Our Future. This report covers our activities and progress on our most significant environmental, social and governance issues in calendar year 2021, our centennial year. As a leading healthcare organization committed to sustainability and transparency, we measure our progress in accordance with the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles, UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Global Reporting Initiative standards.

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View Our Sustainability & Global Citizenship Report

View Our Sustainability & Global Citizenship Report

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We are focused on proactively meeting our patients’ needs, and delivering the highest quality of care with kindness and consistency across all of our locations.

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We invest in the development, well-being and experience of our caregivers to deliver on our vision of being the best place to work in healthcare.

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Through actions and programs to heal, hire and invest for the future, we work to improve the communities we call home.

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Our caregivers promote healthy environments and communities through resource stewardship, leadership in sustainability and climate-smart healthcare initiatives.

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Our value of integrity is embedded in our culture and defines our commitment to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.

View Previous Reports

View Previous Reports

The 2022 report is our 13th consecutive Communication on Progress and reflects our work in the 2021 calendar year.

Report Disclosure Index

Report Disclosure Index

This index includes our GRI disclosures, table of UN Global Compact Principles and UN Sustainable Development Goals, which include links to the corresponding sections of the online report.

2022 Index
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