Healthcare facilities are important features of the urban landscape, house critical community resources and employ thousands of people. Cleveland Clinic is committed to building and operating healthy environments for work and healing.

In 2007, Cleveland Clinic adopted the industry-leading US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System for all new major construction projects.

The LEED rating system outlines standards on a point-based system. Points are categorized with a set number of available points in each category, based on the building type. We track our LEED projects throughout the design and construction process, and submit the required documentation to the USGBC at project completion for certification.

To date, 13 projects have been certified, and additional projects are in the pipeline (see project highlights below).  All new major construction projects follow LEED standards, with certification as our minimum and silver certification as our target.

To support smaller projects and renovations, our building standards and processes have been revised to reflect our commitment patient experience, patient safety, employee safety and environmental stewardship.