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In Government & Community Relations we believe the health of our community is not determined solely on physical well-being, but on all the factors that go into the experience of living, working, and thriving in Northeast Ohio. Our work centers around the Let’s Move It® initiative – our strategy for improving the overall well-being of the residents in the communities we serve by positively “moving the dial” on advocacy and policy, healthy lifestyles, education and economic vitality. Through Let’s Move It® our team is connecting residents with the resources, programs and organizations that will empower them to transform their lives and communities through academic achievement, career preparedness, partnership opportunities, collaboration, advocacy, wellness and preventive healthcare.

Government & Community Relations Resources

Advocacy & Policy

Promoting healthcare advocacy, and developing partnerships at all levels of Government

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Healthy Lifestyles

These free community programs give residents the opportunity to create healthier versions of themselves.


These resources and programs support success in the classroom and beyond; empowering our youth to become Northeast Ohio’s next generation of leaders.

Economic Vitality

How we impact the local economy through education, collaboration and workforce development.

Events Calendar

View our community events and programs.

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