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Patient Satisfaction

At our family health centers we have treated thousands of patients. Here are a few of their stories. If you are looking for Cuyahoga County family medicine, or family medicine in Cleveland, contact us today.

"Whenever my husband and I have any tests done, we receive the results right away -- usually within two days. The doctors and nurses are very kind and take a personal interest in us. All of our doctors are with the Cleveland Clinic -- and we are very happy."
- Marion K.

"Peter needed corrective surgery for strabismus (crossed eyes). We had to cancel his operation twice because he had ear infections -- and when we were told he needed ear tubes as well, the surgery center staff moved heaven and earth to get the surgeries done at the same time, so he wouldn't have to go through an operation twice. We noticed improvements that same day. Peter doesn't hunt around for his toys anymore, he goes right to them. And his speech has just taken off.

"We adopted Peter when he was 5 months old, from Russia. Everyone says how lucky he is. But we're the lucky ones."
- Sharon and Gary V.

"Having this cyst removed was my first surgery ever, and I was really nervous. But from the time I put on my gown until the time I left, everybody was so nice, really putting me at ease. They kept asking me if I was okay, did I need anything, and they called the day after I got home to make sure I was doing all right. We were so pleased that my wife baked two platters of cookies and as soon as I was able to drive, I brought them over."
- Robert P.

"Nicholas' adenoids were so large that he would stop breathing in the middle of the night. They needed to be removed right away and his surgery went just wonderfully. He went to sleep without crying and woke up without crying. The staff made a game out of it for him. And when we got home, Nicholas took a nap and then went out and rode his bike for the rest of the afternoon."
- Pam K.

"My father had quadruple bypass surgery in 1976 and from way back then, I've been in love with the Cleveland Clinic. Everyone made me so comfortable from the moment I walked into the Lorain Surgery Center. No matter what, I had every confidence in the world that the Cleveland Clinic team would pull me through."
- Sally R.

"I had two previous back surgeries. Then, my third was at the Cleveland Clinic Lorain Surgery Center; and right after the surgery, I felt just great. Now, I'm able to do anything. I even went skiing this winter for the first time in five years."
- Patterson K.

These stories are just some of the success stories experienced at our Family Health Centers. If you are looking for Cuyahoga County Family Medicine, or medicine in the Cleveland area, visit or call one of our centers today.