Neighborhoods of Cleveland

Neighborhoods of Cleveland

One of the most important factors to consider when searching for housing is location. Location can affect your commuting time, living costs and accessibility to stores and recreational services.

Cleveland is home to a variety of neighborhoods, each with their own advantages and unique characteristics. It is important to educate yourself on each neighborhood and its amenities to ensure you choose the right location for you.



Students living off-campus have a variety of options for getting back and forth between Cleveland Clinic and home. Depending on mobility, resources and distance to Cleveland Clinic, students can choose from the following options:


If you live within close proximity to Cleveland Clinic, walking may be an option. Be sure to take extra precautions when walking because of high traffic in the area. Always be alert and, if possible, walk with a friend.


Cleveland offers a number of biking lanes that you can use to travel in and out of the city. If you live close to bike-friendly routes, biking to Cleveland Clinic could be a good means of transportation.


Cleveland’s Regional Transit Authority offers a variety of bus routes that can help get you to and from Cleveland Clinic. In particular, RTA offers the HealthLine, which operates 24/7 and is very easy to catch.

RTA Rapid

The RTA also offers three major rail lines that travel into and throughout Downtown Cleveland. The Red Line extends from the near east side to the west side of the city and also travels to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Specific to the east side, the Blue Line and the Green Line both travel through Shaker Square.