Residents are required to complete a research project in a pharmacy related topic. The resident will have the opportunity to complete Institutional Review Board training and write and submit a research protocol to the IRB. The research project will entail several months of work culminating with the creation of a manuscript suitable for publication. The resident will present the proposal for research at the Ohio College of Clinical Pharmacists and selected Residency conference.

Each resident is required to complete one major project relating to a specific aspect of pharmacy practice. The project may be: original research, quality research, development or enhancement of pharmacy services. The resident must adhere to the approved timeline for research to insure ultimate success. Final research results will be presented at a Residency Conference and/or appropriate national meeting.

Timeline and Process

Month To Do:
  • Review with Residency Advisory Committee (RAC) areas of interest.
  • Review listing of potential projects queued up by RAC to see if any linkage between opportunities and interest or solicit ability to support other research topics.
  • Complete “on-line” CITI training
  • Finalize project and preceptor selection
  • Present project goals and objectives to RAC
  • Decide what journal you will target for publication
  • Create methodology in approved template.  Create a PowerPoint and defend the methodology to the RAC.
  • Submit abstract for the OCCP fall meeting
  • IRB submission deadline for project
  • Presentation of OCCP PowerPoint to RAC
  • OCCP presentation submitted
  • ASHP Mid-Year Clinical Meeting Poster abstract due
  • Vizient poster abstract
  • Manuscript introduction and methods section should be completed by end of month
  • Data collection for project
  • Present poster for Vizient conference at the ASHP Mid-Year meeting
  • Present poster at the ASHP Mid-Year meeting
  • OPR or Great Lakes Pharmacy Residency Conference abstract submitted
  • Finish data collection and database entry for project
  • Analyze project results
  • Timeline can be extended into March if agreed to with preceptor
  • OPR or GLPRC presentation to RAC
  • OPR or GLPRC presentation at the designated site
  • Manuscript results section should be completed by end of the month
  • Start and complete poster presentation for OCCP meeting
  • Present results of study to any appropriate internal groups (within Fairview& Lutheran Hospitals)
  • Present poster at OCCP spring meeting
  • Submit IRB project completion form (online) if required
  • Finalize manuscript, Discussion section, etc.  Submit to journal.