Physician Ready Access Line

Cleveland Clinic Akron General has a dedicated transfer line to facilitate patients' transfer to Akron General from other facilities. This service is available 24 hours a day and is answered by an all RN staff that works with Akron General physicians to quickly and efficiently transfer patients.

Through the Physician Ready Access Service

  1. Callers dial one number: 1.800.DOC.AGMC (800.362.2462)
  2. A dedicated Nurse (in Admitting) will provide the caller with one-call transfer arrangements for the patients.
  3. The Physician Ready Access Nurse will immediately contact the on-call physician in the requested specialty according to protocol. The two physicians will then be connected.
  4. The Physician Ready Access Nurse will check on bed availability and make appropriate arrangements. They will also arrange for transportation, if requested, and will take insurance information, if known.
  5. The Physician Ready Access Nurse will log all calls and will send a confirmation to the caller.

Direct physician-to-physician calls and ED-specified transfers do not need to go through this service.