Cleveland Clinic Akron General is pleased to offer its physicians the latest technology to make practicing at Akron General easy. Through the use of wireless technology and medical software, Akron General physicians can have important patient information at their fingertips.

Internal Access at Akron General

For internal access to the Physician Portal from any PC on the Akron General network, launch Internet Explorer, and enter the Intranet address:

If you wish to have a wireless connection to the Physician Portal using your own tablet or laptop PC, please contact Akron General's Help Desk at 330.344.6604 for assistance. This gives you the capability of accessing the Portal without being plugged into the network. All you need is a Cisco wireless card, and we will take care of configuring your PC for you.

External Access

To access the Physician portal from your home or office, a high speed Internet connection is preferred for logging on to ChartMaxx and PACs imaging systems. VPN software and a Secure ID card are also needed.

For more information, please contact Akron General's Physician Relations office at 330.344.6783.