About Us

About Us

Cleveland Clinic Akron General (CCAG) offers a 1-year ACGME-accredited fellowship in Surgical Critical Care (SCC). This educational journey consists of a combination of clinical and career mentorship along with administrative and educational responsibilities. As this fellowship progress through the year, the fellow level of responsibility grows across all aspects of critical care.

Candidates for the fellowship will have successfully completed 5 years of US postgraduate training by the time of entry into the fellowship program. The fellow will have the opportunity to manage most complex trauma and emergency general surgery patients in tertiary care settings. To enhance their professional development, our fellows will administer and supervise surgical critical care units and conduct scholarly activities.

The goal of this fellowship is to prepare surgeons for careers choice in academic surgery or private practice. One of the biggest strengths of our SCC fellowship is the excellent collaborative experience with other critical care units and various surgical services. The fellow rotations include 10 four-weeks in the field of critical care including SICU, CVICU and MICU.

Electives include:

  • Acute Care Surgery
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Neuro-ICU
  • Supplemental month of SICU, MICU or CVICU

Upon successful completion of the surgical critical care fellowship, trainees are eligible to take the Surgical Critical Care Certifying Examination.

Thank you for your interest in our fellowship program. 

For more information, contact Daniel Vazquez, MD at vazquezd@ccf.org or Kelly Harrison, MA, ED at harrisk38@ccf.org.



Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your interest in our accredited Surgical Critical Care Fellowship.

Cleveland Clinic Akron General is committed to education at many levels. It is affiliated with Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine (NEOMED) and Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OUHCOM) and has many successful residencies. This allows the fellow ample teaching opportunities to medical students on their surgical rotation and the surgical residents, as well as other learners.

Fellows rotate through all required rotations and experiences as set forth by the ACGME. The fellow can expect to have regularly scheduled lectures addressing the multidisciplinary approach to surgical critical care. It is required that the fellow participate in research and journal clubs and there is support from a dedicated doctorate-level health scientist.

Our mission is to provide our graduates with the necessary training to provide excellent, compassionate and multidisciplinary care for their future patients.

We welcome your interest in our program and look forward to meeting you.


Daniel Vazquez
Daniel E. Vazquez, MD
Program Director, Surgical Critical Care Fellowship

Kelly Harrison, MA ED
UME Coordinator, General Surgery
Phone: 330.344.3092
Email: harrisk38@ccf.org



We appreciate your interest in Cleveland Clinic Akron General and hope that we've provided you with the information you need to choose the right fellowship program.

Akron General is able to offer an exceptional medical education experience because of our knowledgeable and hard-working staff. Cleveland Clinic Akron General is recognized regionally and within Ohio for its expertise and care. We maintain a standard of excellence that promises nothing but the best care for our patients and therefore, nothing but the best education for our medical students, residents and fellows.

Life in Akron has so much to offer! Learn more about Greater Akron and be sure to follow us on Facebook.

Fellowship applications must be submitted online at National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and SCC and ACS Fellowship Application Service (SAFAS)

Application deadline

Appointment Year 2024:

March 1, 2023: SAFAS Open (Do not start new application prior to March 1)
July 2023: Register for NRMP SCC Match: [ NRMP ]
July 31, 2023: SAFAS application deadline
August 23, 2023: NRMP SCC ROL deadline
September 6, 2023: NRMP SCC Match Day

SAFAS will remain Open for post-Match Unfilled Positions

Interview Dates: TBD

Expected Program Length: 1 year

Eligible candidates

The Surgical Critical Care Fellowship is open to candidates who have completed a five-year ACGME accredited Surgery program, who are board certified or eligible for board certification in Surgery, and who are eligible for Ohio medical licensure. Fellows will be expected to obtain a full medical license to practice in the state of Ohio.

Teaching Faculty

Teaching Faculty

We are committed to providing excellent clinical exposure, as well as direct expert instruction, promoting self-directed education, and fostering the refinement of the fellow' scientific and academic pursuits. In addition to the world-class training, we provide an inclusive culture for patients, residents and fellows, employees, business partners and the communities served by Cleveland Clinic.

Program Director

Core Faculty


Research & Innovations

Research & Innovations

Core Faculty Presentations

Valatka R, Krizo J, Robinson Z, Yocum A, Mallat A, Farid Muakkassa, William Leukhardt. Implementation of a Trauma Resuscitation Simulation Curriculum in an Urban Level 1 Trauma Teaching Hospital. Trauma Care Association of America, 2021; Virtual, Virtual.

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Kanis E, Gallegos P, Zimmerman J, Vazquez D, Abid A, C Mullen, M Cucci. Title: Impact of medication deprescribing on 30-day readmission rates after a traumatic fall: A multicenter cohort study. Ohio College of Clinical Pharmacy (OCCP) Spring Meeting, 2021; Virtual, Virtual.

Kanis E, Cucci M, Gallegos P, Zimmerman J, Abid A, D Vazquez. Impact of deprescribing at discharge on 30-day readmission rates in patients status post traumatic fall: A retrospective cohort study. Cleveland Clinic Pharmacy Residencies Fall Virtual Research Symposium, 2020; Virtual, Virtual.

Core Faculty Publications

Bennett S, Mullen C, Mistry B, Cucci M. Performance of nasal methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus screening for intra-abdominal infections in critically ill adult patients. Pharmacotherapy. 2020. PMID: 33345308.

Cucci M, Cunningham B, Patel J, Shimer A, Mofleh D, Mullen CL. Impact of early reinitiation of neuropsychiatric medications on agitation and delirium in the intensive care unit: A retrospective study. Ann Pharmacother. 2021; 55(1): 15-24. PMID: 32567359.

Nicholson C, Mullen C, Frazee L, Cucci M. Hemodynamic adverse effects of dexmedetomidine and propofol in a critically ill trauma and surgical population: A retrospective cohort. J Trauma Nurs. 2021; 28(3): 149-158. PMID: 33949348.

Nwizu M, Downs T, Krizo J, Wiener T, Mallat A, Heaney A. 173 Trauma activations are associated with decreased time to diagnosis & treatment of intracerebral hemorrhage when compared to trauma evaluations. Annals of Emergency Medicine. 2020; 76(4): s67.

For more information about fellowship research in Surgical Critical Care and Trauma, please contact:

Daniel E. Vazquez, MD
Program Director