Our caregivers believe that giving begins at home, and that is why they show their support of Cleveland Clinic Akron General each year through an internal Caregiver Campaign. Watch to see the reasons why our caregivers give back!

Making a gift to the Akron General Foundation is an investment in the future of healthcare for your family, neighbors and community. All donations raised locally stay local to support Akron General.

We offer a variety of ways in which you can make a lasting contribution. 

To learn more, contact us at 330.344.6888 or AGFoundation@ccf.org or give a gift online.

Donate Gifts of Stocks and Bonds

Your donation of stocks or bonds to Cleveland Clinic Akron GeneralLodi Hospital and Justin T. Rogers Hospice Care Center helps people in ways identical to cash donations but offers you, the donor, some significant advantages. For instance, you may deduct the full fair-market value of your gift from your income for tax purposes (up to the limits set by Congress). Also, in most cases you can avoid the capital gains tax on the sale of your stocks and bonds.

All who choose to support Akron General through donations recognize the timeless human values they are supporting. It's reassuring to know that your gift can make wise financial sense as well.

For more information, call 330.344.6888.