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National Acuity, Cleveland Clinic

For Every Care in the World

From the best heart care in the world, to our first-ever total face transplant, to accelerating medical discoveries using quantum computing — we are a top-ranked hospital in the world. Whether you’re in the United States, London or Abu Dhabi our 70,000 caregivers around the globe make sure the care you receive is always world-class.

Read on below to learn a little more about our many medical milestones.

What's Your Reason for Choosing Cleveland Clinic?

For Every...

Rick trusted Cleveland Clinic for his heart transplant, pictured here with his wife.

Heart still going strong.

Over 37 years ago, Rick trusted Cleveland Clinic for his heart transplant.

Face transplant 3d Imaging

Challenge we help face.

We helped a brave young woman defy all odds by performing our first-ever total face transplant.

3d printed heart, Cleveland Clinic

Heart-felt breakthrough.

Our precise 3D printing lets our world's best heart care experts perfect surgeries before they even operate.

IMB national acuity Ad

Difference-making discovery.

Cleveland Clinic and IBM are using this quantum computer in new ways to rapidly accelerate medical discoveries.

Smartphone-enabled pacemaker

Pace we make safer.

We empower patients with smartphone-enabled pacemakers to provide the world's best heart care from anywhere.

NFL Players Association

Player protecting Brain Health.

Our NFL Players Association partnership uses AI tech to improve cognitive well-being for all athletes.

illustration of COVID-19

"Unprecedented” sets new precedents.

Researchers at Cleveland Clinic are finding new ways to cure today's diseases, and tomorrow's.

illustration of a heart

"What if?” that we make a reality.

Cleveland Clinic has the world's best heart care in the nation because we never stop innovating.

Centennial Access

100 years and millions of lives.

Celebrating a century of world class care for people from 170 countries around the world. For every care in the world.

man looking at art on wall

Reminder of how beautiful things can be.

We have Cleveland's second largest art collection because we know art has the power to heal.

cleveland clinic patient in newly redesigned gown

Function to meet fashion.

Designer Diane von Furstenberg helped us rethink the patient gown so we can make you feel just a little better.

an international couple traveling

Life-saving trip for world class care.

Our patients fly from across the U.S. to get treatment from the world's best heart care.

your travels are in good hands

30,000 feet to feel safer.

We partnered with United Airlines ® to help take health and safety standards to new heights.

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