The Go! to Sleep Program is an interactive, online program, designed to be most beneficial for people who are experiencing short term insomnia (development of insomnia in the past 1-6 months). The program is the result of a collaboration between the Wellness Institute and Cleveland Clinic's Sleep Disorders Center.

Go! to Sleep was designed as a treatment alternative for Primary Care Physicians and other healthcare providers to recommend for these patients instead of prescribing sleep medications. People with ongoing difficulties with insomnia (6 months or longer) will also benefit, especially those who have yet to adopt sleep-friendly lifestyle habits and consistent sleep patterns. Individuals that use a sleep medication on an occasional basis will learn techniques that may help them sleep better without medications as well.

The program coach, Michelle Drerup, PsyD, a sleep psychologist and behavioral sleep medicine specialist at Cleveland Clinic's Sleep Disorders Center, provides daily recommendations and tips to help you improve your sleep.

As part of this program, the user receives:

  • Six weeks' worth of effective sleep therapy
  • An online sleep log and daily sleep score
  • Daily sleep improvement recommendations
  • Activities to help get the sleep needed
  • Daily e-mails from the program coach
  • Daily articles to help get the most out of the program
  • Personal progress charts
  • Six specially crafted relaxation practices; and motivational tips

Additional Information

Download our Go! to Sleep Program flyer

This program was not designed for people who are currently taking prescription sleep medications on a nightly basis and are looking for a way to wean themselves off the medications. While patients can follow the Go! to Sleep Program while on sleep medication and this may help them learn tools to discontinue medication use, the program is not intended to help them implement a plan to taper off their medication. Individuals looking for this type of help should discuss this with their prescribing provider and/or be referred to the Sleep Disorders Center for further assessment and individualized treatment plans.

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