What is a liver spleen scan?

A liver spleen scan is an imaging procedure to detect size and abnormalities of the liver and spleen.

How should I prepare for a liver spleen scan?

There is no prep for this test.

How long does the test take?

A liver spleen scan takes approximately 45-60 minutes. A radioactive tracer will be injected into a vein. There are no side effects from this injection; it will not make you feel any different. There is a 15 minute waiting period for circulation of the tracer after it is injected. You will be asked to remove all metal around your abdomen before the scan begins. The technologist will have you lie onto the imaging table and a five minute image will be taken over your abdomen area to include the liver and spleen. There will be an additional set of images taken called a SPECT/CT and this takes approximately 20 minutes. This is a tomographic set of images combined with a non diagnostic CT for attenuation correction, resulting in 3D images of the liver and spleen.

How soon will the scan results be available?

A radiologist will interpret the images, write a report, and deliver the results to your doctor via the internal computer system.

It is essential to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant before undergoing this scan because of radiation exposure.

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