Program Coordinator: John Donohue, MD
Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: Year round
No. of Students: 1


Completion of all core clerkships. Open to senior medical students.


To provide students with extensive clinical experience designed to enhance their skills in evaluating and diagnosing patients who present with symptoms of a musculoskeletal or rheumatic nature and autoimmune disorders.


Students actively participate in all outpatient clinics to ensure a broad and comprehensive experience. Where pertinent to our training goals, students will also have the opportunity to evaluate inpatients. There will be no night call or weekend call.

Emphasis will be placed on history-taking and the physical examination. Students will develop basic skills in the evaluation of and interpretation of immunological studies performed on blood specimens, pertinent imaging studies, and synovial fluid analysis.


Evaluations will be distributed by the MSE department to the preceptor at the end of the rotation.