Program Coordinator: Linh Le, MD

Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: September-May
No. of Students: 1
Time: Full time


Completion of rotations in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and Obstetrics/Gynecology.


To provide students with clinical exposure to undiagnosed patients with a wide variety of symptom-based presentations.


Students will actively participate in the Emergency Department care of presenting patients. The students will have the opportunity to first evaluate presenting patients and carry out a history and physical examination of these patients. They will learn the approach to and initial management of the Emergency Department patient. They will learn to form a differential diagnosis of these patients, perform emergency procedures as well as a method to prioritize care in the department. The student will give a case presentation at the conclusion of their rotation with a discussion of the relevant subject matter. Students work will be divided into 8-hour shifts to comprise a 40-hour week. There will be some weekend time, but daily hours have some built-in flexibility.


The staff members to whom the student has been assigned perform evaluations. A report is given to the dean and phase coordinator upon request. The student evaluates the program.