Program Coordinator: Linh Le, MD
Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: Year round
No. of Students: 2


Completion of all core clerkships. Open to senior medical students.


To provide students with clinical exposure to undiagnosed patients with a wide variety of symptom-based presentations.


Students will actively participate in the Emergency Department care of presenting patients. The students will have the opportunity to first evaluate presenting patients and carry out the history and physical examination of these patients. They will learn the approach to and initial management of the Emergency Department patient. They will learn to form a differential diagnosis of these patients, perform emergency procedures as well as a method to prioritize care in the department.

Students work approximately 14, 12-hour shifts. Generally, nights and weekends are not required shifts and scheduled shifts have some built-in flexibility.


Evaluations will be distributed by the UME department to the preceptor at the end of the rotation.