Program Coordinator: Elizabeth Stone, MD

Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: Year round
No. of Students: 1
Time: Full time


Completion of core clerkship in internal medicine. Open to senior medical students.


To increase the student’s skill in obtaining a history, performing a physical examination and interpreting laboratory data pertinent to patients with hematologic and oncologic issues.


Working with a staff member, each student actively participates in the evaluation of patients with a wide spectrum of oncologic diseases. The student works in the outpatient clinic with no night call or weekend call. Emphasis is placed on the evaluation and management of malignant diseases. The student expands their skills in physical diagnosis and evaluation / management of patients with suspected or known malignancies or benign hematologic conditions. The setting for this experience may include the hospital, but is primarily an outpatient rotation.


Evaluations are performed by the staff members to whom the student is assigned and the student evaluates the program. A report is given to the dean and phase coordinator upon request.