Program Coordinator: Raul Rosenthal, MD
Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: Year round
No. of Students: 1


Completion of all core clerkships. Open to senior medical students.


To acquaint students with the evaluation, operative management and postoperative care of general surgery patients.


The student works directly with general surgeons. During the rotation, the student is exposed to all phases of patient care, including outpatient clinic, operating room, and hospital. Emphasis will be placed on initial assessment, physical examination, and preoperative evaluation. When appropriate, the student follows individual patients whose cases are particularly instructive. Supplemental reading for such cases is encouraged.

While no formal projects are required, ample opportunity exists for independent projects as dictated by the student’s special interests.


Evaluations will be distributed by the UME department to the preceptor at the end of the rotation.