Program Coordinator: Karla M. Arce, MD
Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: Year round; Except May and December
No. of Students: 1


Completion of all core clerkships. Open to senior medical students.


To expose the student to patients with endocrine disorders and diabetes mellitus.


New and former patients attending the Endocrinology Clinic are seen by the students prior to being seen by the attending endocrinologist. Students present their history and physical findings to the attending endocrinologist for review; this includes a discussion of disease pathophysiology, pertinent clinical Evaluation, diagnostic and follow-up laboratory testing, as well as the appropriate therapeutic regimen. A review of key points on the endocrinologic exam is reviewed by the staff physician with the student.

Mainly an outpatient rotation and likely one week of inpatient if the Endocrinologist is on call one of the 4 weeks. No night or weekend calls.

Other specific requirements of the rotation include reading Endocrinology for the House Officer and Case Studies in Endocrinology for the House Officer, both by Dr. Warner Burch. Additional endocrine textbooks will be available in the department and in the Medical Library, and students have access to the National Library of Medicine. This enables them to perform any literature search they desire.


Evaluations will be distributed by the MSE department to the preceptor at the end of the rotation.