Program Coordinator: Fernando J. Castro-Pavia, MD

Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: Year round
No. of Students: 1
Time: Full-time


Satisfactory completion of the core clerkship in medicine.


To provide medical students with a meaningful experience in diagnosing and treating common and unusual gastroenterology problems.


Students rotate on a weekly basis with staff gastroenterologists in the outpatient clinic at Cleveland Clinic Florida, where they assist with patient evaluations in a supervised fashion. Since each gastroenterologist spends two days per week in the endoscopy unit, students may observe endoscopic procedures on their assigned staff member’s days. Students are encouraged to spend a portion of the rotation on the inpatient service at Cleveland Clinic Hospital.

Students are responsible for the care of patients who are seen under the direct supervision of their staff physician. This includes both inpatient and outpatient care. Students are not expected to take night or weekend call.

Students are expected, however, to attend Grand Rounds, Colorectal Journal Club, Gastroenterology Journal Club and General Clinic Conferences. Student presentations are optional.


Evaluation is completed by the staff members to whom the students are assigned. A report is given to deans and phase coordinators upon request.