Program Coordinator: Gilberto Alemar, MD

Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: Year round
No. of Students: 1
Time: Full time


Completion of physical diagnosis course and any required surgical rotation which may include a core clerkship in surgery or medicine.


To give the student preliminary exposure to the diagnosis and evaluation of otolaryngology conditions and disorders in an inpatient and outpatient scenario.


Medical students will be involved in the ear, nose and throat clinics and will learn the examination of the ear, nose and throat/head and neck system including pertinent endoscopy procedures and office-based biopsies. The student will review CT scans of the paranasal sinuses and the head and neck with the radiologists and the staff attendings. Additionally, he/she will be exposed to the audiology section and given an interest may perform hearing tests and interpret these with the attending staff.

Additionally, the student is expected to participate in hospital rounds and in surgery, as well as other activities supplementing their rotation, such as surgical grand rounds and clinical conferences.


Upon completion of the rotation, an evaluation is completed by each staff member to whom the student has been assigned. These reports are sent to the appropriate coordinators at the medical school.