Program Coordinator: Frederick Ross, MD

Duration: 4 weeks
Availability: Year round
No. of Students: 2 inpatient; 2 outpatient
Time: Full time


Completion of the core clerkship in medicine.


To provide students with experience in a wide range of health care services for patients in both primary and consultative internal medicine. During each rotation, one student may participate in the active outpatient practice, and one in the active internal medicine in-service.


Medical students assigned to the outpatient department are supervised by one or two of 11 board-certified internists. The rotation is particularly appropriate to those considering a career in primary care medicine.

Students follow the patients of their assigned physicians, observing and performing history-taking and physical examination. Together with their attending physicians, students formulate diagnostic and therapeutic plans. Physical examination procedures and outpatient management techniques are emphasized. Students are expected to attend all departmental rounds and activities and are assigned selected readings from textbooks and journals.

Medical students interested in inpatient internal medicine are assigned to the Internal Medicine Clinical Teaching Unit where they follow inpatient internal medicine patients and become involved with the hospital consultation service. The rotation is particularly appropriate for students interested in a career in general internal medicine.

Students perform medical histories and physical examinations under the supervision of the attending physician and formulate diagnostic and therapeutic plans. They are expected to participate in all hospital-related rounds and activities, and follow selected readings.


Evaluations are performed by the staff physicians to whom the student is assigned. A report is provided to deans and phase coordinators upon request.