How can I reach a Billing representative?

You may contact Customer Service toll-free at 866.621.6385.

Who can assist me with MyAccount Online bill pay?

To reach representatives from our MyAccount service, please contact MyAccount Customer Service at 1.866.862.2919 or [email protected].

Please Note: In order to best identify the patient, please provide the associated patient’s E account number, OR full name, date of birth, and address for your inquiry.

If you send health information to Cleveland Clinic via email, please know that your message may be sent in an unencrypted email. An unencrypted email means there is a risk that the information in the email and any attachments could potentially be read by a third party when it is sent through the internet.

Do you offer payment plans?

In many cases, we can help establish a zero interest payment option. To discuss payment options, please call Customer Service at 1.866.621.6385.

For more information about billing, view our helpful guide to Understanding Cleveland Clinic Florida's Insurance and Our Billing Process.