Transforming the Healthcare Experience of Tomorrow

This November 27-29, 2018, attend our “Leadership Forum: Transforming the Healthcare Experience of Tomorrow” to experience Cleveland Clinic’s palpable culture via conversations with our top executives as they share lessons learned at the key intersection of patient experience and operations.

Join our innovative and futuristic thinkers in this one-of-a-kind deep dive that includes key components to incorporate design thinking, spur physician engagement, cull from leadership rounding, grow tiered huddles, address operational challenges and more as you explore our “Patients First” business model.

A host of chief executives join the event with a special shout-out to our CXO Dr. Adrienne Boissy, COO Bill Peacock and a Q&A with our CEO and President Dr. Tom Mihaljevic.

Over three days you’ll be invigorated in these sessions:

  • Being Relationship Centered: A Culture of Service
  • Design Thinking to Improve Patient Experience
  • The Elusive Physician Engagement: If You Build It They Will Come
  • Empower Caregivers to Develop Devoted Contributors who Create a Cohesive Experience
  • Leadership Rounding to Optimize Utilization of Patient Feedback
  • How to Build a Team of Teams: Tiered Huddles Ensure That Centricity Pervades All Levels of the Organization
  • Operational Challenges for the Future of Hospitals
  • Operations That Heal – It’s Not What You Think
  • Touring Through the Heart of the Patient Experience: Where Science, Humanity and Art Intersect
  • Q&A with our CEO and President Dr. Tom Mihaljevic.

Maximize your visit with networking receptions that provide additional access to these thought leaders.

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