Determining the cause of kidney disease often helps to guide clinical treatment. Rapid interpretation of these biopsies by pathologists who specialize in medical renal disease is important to optimize care for these patients.

Accurate interpretation of medical kidney biopsies requires the use of light microscopy, direct immunofluorescence, and often electron microscopy. A pathologist experienced in integrating results from each of these diagnostic modalities must interpret the findings in the setting of each patient’s unique clinical presentation. Physician-to-physician communication is often needed in these biopsies and an open line of communication between the renal pathologist and the ordering nephrologist or rheumatologist is important.

Cleveland Clinic Laboratories provides a wide range of services ranging from full consultation with processing of the biopsy specimen and full professional interpretation through performance of the technical component only for electron microscopy. The service allows customization to fulfill the individual needs of the client.

Medical kidney pathology staff

Leal Herlitz, MD
Leal Herlitz, MD
Director, Medical Kidney Pathology