Graduation Ceremony & Senior Resident Dinner

The successful completion of Internal Medicine residency training is an accomplishment worthy of celebration. Each May, residents, their guests and staff gather for an evening to acknowledge this milestone. Highlights of the festivities include a look ahead at the future plans of graduates as they receive their training certificates and a comedic look back on residency training created by the graduates themselves.

Retreats & Picnics

A retreat is an opportunity for PGY 1, PGY 2 or PGY 3’s to relax and get to know each other better.

Through interactive methods, and led by an independent facilitator, the residents work on team-building and interpersonal skills vital to a successful career in medicine.

Discussion groups explore such issues as personal work styles, conflict resolution, experiencing critical events and stress management.

The retreat is fashioned to aid the resident in assessing personal and professional goals and to provide a supportive environment for discussion and exploration of these goals.

Welcome Picnic for New Interns

As part of a two-week orientation for new interns, we host a picnic to provide an informal opportunity for the “freshman” class and their families to get to know one another. Senior residents, and staff who act as advisors for the program’s residents also attend with their families.

Happy Hour

The program sponsors a happy hour for all residents where they get to meet with residents from all classes and occurs quarterly. This is a great opportunity to unwind from work and get to know everyone in the program. 

Social Events

In collaboration with Case Western Reserve University and Metro hospitals, the house staff association at Cleveland Clinic organizes a Halloween party at the House of Blues. This is one of the exciting events for all programs in Cleveland Clinic and is so much fun to attend and participate.

Crain Lecture & Donation Link

Crain Lecture & Donation Link

Dr. Lawrence “Chris” Crain Annual Memorial Lecture

Cleveland Clinic Internal Medicine Residency Program

Dr. Lawrence Chris Crain’s legacy at Cleveland Clinic began at the time of his birth at the CCF Hospital in 1965. He returned for medical student rotations while at OSU before joining the Internal Medicine Residency Training Program in 1993. Because of his skills as a clinician, an educator and communicator, he was selected to the position of Chief Medical Resident from 1996-1997. He then continued his subspecialty training in Nephrology and Hypertension. Chris moved to Atlanta, GA, where he went into practice focused on hypertension and renal disease with special emphasis in minority patients. He died suddenly on July 22, 2003.

Because of Chris’ contributions to Cleveland Clinic throughout his course of training, especially for his efforts as a Chief Medical Resident, Cleveland Clinic established a memorial fund in Chris’ name at the time of his death. This memorial fund is supported by contributions from Chris’ mentors, colleagues and friends at Cleveland Clinic. This memorial fund provides support for an annual presentation at the Division of Medicine’s weekly Grand Rounds series. Medical Grand Rounds is an educational venue attended by medical students, residents, fellows in advanced training, and staff physicians from General Internal Medicine and its sub-specialties.

At each annual “Chris Crain Memorial Lecture”, an expert in the area of kidney diseases or hypertension will be invited to present a talk in this discipline. Introductory comments before these lectures will include acknowledgement of Chris’ contributions to the training program at Cleveland Clinic, his commitment to diseases of the kidney and commemoration of those attributes that made him a fine physician.

Friends who wish to make a contribution to the Memorial Fund may do so by sending a check made payable to the Dr. Lawrence “Chris” Crain Memorial Fund, or online through iSupport.

Please mail to:
Internal Medicine Residency Office/NA 10
Cleveland Clinic
9500 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44195

Please call the Internal Medicine Residency Program office 216.444.2336 with any questions.