Request a speaker

CIME can help arrange Cleveland Clinic physician speakers or hospital leaders to travel or participate virtually in medical conferences around the globe. The target audience will gain new knowledge through lectures and case presentations, most of which highlight cutting-edge procedures and novel technologies used at Cleveland Clinic.

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Customized Education Programs

CIME collaborates with a number of healthcare organizations to develop customized education programs in a various specialties. Designed for both small and large groups of healthcare providers, these programs are either hosted in Cleveland, Florida or abroad, or are conducted remotely through webinars and distant learning. These education activities typically include a tailored mix of workshops, case presentations and lectures covering a wide scope of cutting-edge science and medical innovations, including state-of-the-art procedures and novel technologies used at Cleveland Clinic.

Costs vary depending on the location and duration of the program, among other factors. Exact cost allocation is confirmed once the learning objectives and program structure are determined.

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