Our center’s mission is to generate opportunities for ongoing education and provide high quality education for the global medical community.

Each year, thousands of healthcare professionals from around the world visit Cleveland Clinic for shadowing experiences, which can last up to several weeks. They come to Cleveland Clinic to discover innovations in medicine and surgery and to learn how we operate, with the goal of taking their new knowledge back to their country.

Find out how you can gain new knowledge and skills from one of the top hospitals in the U.S.

Our Team

Diler Bolgi
International Education Coordinator

Andrea Bouzo
International Education Coordinator

Steven Kawczak, PhD
Senior Director, Professional Development and Knowledge Resources

Michael Lupsa
International Education Coordinator
Arabic and Romanian

Ava Mack
International Education Coordinator

Csilla Myers
Manager, Global CME

Khaldoun Tarakji, MD, MPH
Medical Director, International Medical Education
@khaldountarakji | #cleclinicCIME

Grace Yu
International Education Coordinator
Mandarin Chinese