Hearing Loss Treatment Guide

This guide provides an overview of the hearing loss management options offered at Cleveland Clinic. Please use this guide as a resource as you examine your treatment and management options. Remember, it is your right as a patient to ask questions and to seek a second opinion.

Pediatric Hearing Management Clinic (PHMC)

Our Pediatric Hearing Management Clinic (PHMC) provides a comprehensive family-centered approach to the evaluation and management of children with hearing impairment. Our multidisciplinary team is focused on patient care, education and research.

Tinnitus Management Clinic

Our Tinnitus Management Clinic offers ways to provide relief and control over this condition. For many symptoms of tinnitus – a ringing, buzzing, whistling, hissing or rushing sound in the ears and/or head – can be so severe that it interferes with daily activities, including the ability to hear, work or sleep. While there is no universal cure for tinnitus, most of our patients benefit from one or a combination of management options.

Did you know?

  • Over 36 million American adults have some degree of hearing loss and over half of them are younger than age 65.
  • Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States.
  • Approximately 12% of all children ages 6-19 have noise-induced hearing loss!
  • Hearing loss can happen at any age. A growing number of teens and kids are damaging their hearing by excessive earbud usage.
  • Noise-induced hearing loss is 100% preventable. Although hearing loss is a common effect of aging, some Americans are starting to lose their hearing earlier in life as a result of exposure to noise.
  • Approximately 30 million workers are exposed to hazardous levels of noise on the job. Another nine million are at risk for hearing loss from other agents such as solvents and metals.
  • Untreated hearing loss can affect your ability to understand speech and can negatively impact your social and emotional well-being — hearing impairment can decrease your quality of life!
  • Approximately six of every 1,000 babies have a significant hearing problem at birth.
  • More then 4,000 babies are born with hearing loss each year.