Immerse yourself in a three-day concentration and benchmarking opportunity focusing on Cleveland Clinic's approach in a single administrative functional area.

Choose from one of the following areas:

  • Leadership Forum: Transforming the Healthcare Experience of Tomorrow
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Pharmacy
  • Quality and Patient Safety
  • Technology and Innovation

Why Cleveland Clinic Way: Intensives?

A concentration and bench-marking opportunity in one specific functional area such as Finance, Human Resources, Marketing and now the Leadership Forum: Transforming the Healthcare Experience of Tomorrow.

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring leaders
  • Clinical and non-clinical professionals
  • Healthcare administrators: new to role, mid-level managers
Program Areas

Program Areas

Program date is subject to change if minimum registration of 3 participants per Intensive Area is not met.

Continuous Improvement

Cleveland Clinic, a world leader in building a successful continuous improvement culture, will share their concepts and approaches in action. By engaging thousands of Cleveland Clinic caregivers, countless improvement experts, healthcare organizations, and service and manufacturing organizations the Cleveland Clinic Improvement Model has resulted in over $250M delivered to the organization over the last 5 years. Learn the approach to building a culture where every caregiver is capable, empowered, and expected to make improvements every day.

Focus areas include:

  • Creating a tiered huddle system that engages caregivers in identifying and solving problems
  • Problem solving that creates long term front line engagement
  • How to get alignment around what matters most to ensure caregivers recognize how their work aligns and supports these priorities
  • Utilization tools to sustain improvement efforts

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the key components of a successful tiered huddle system to create their own tiered huddle that engages caregivers in identifying and solving problems
  • Describe how creating a system for problem solving creates long term front line engagement
  • Identify the key components of process and product confirmation in order to develop their own process confirmation system
  • Generate clear alignment around what matters most and ensure caregivers recognize how their work aligns and supports these priorities
  • Utilize tools to sustain improvement efforts

Global Supply Chain

Learn how to design and help your organizations build and refine its strategies by being immersed in an enterprise equipped to improve the speed and results of supply chain projects across a global healthcare system.

Focus areas can include:

  • Data Management/Item Master
  • Materials Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Operations
  • Purchasing
  • Sourcing

Human Resources

Learn how to build and harness The Power of Every One within your organization by focusing on the key principles leaders need to best manage their employees throughout the employment life cycle.

Focus areas can include:

  • Career Development
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Engagement and Culture
  • Investment/Retention
  • Organizational Effectiveness
  • Performance Coaching
  • Recruitment/Onboarding
  • Talent Management

Leadership Forum: Transforming the Healthcare Experience of Tomorrow

Join our innovative and futuristic thinkers from Patient Experience and Operations as they reveal the strategy, tactics and best practices that helped Cleveland Clinic become a globally recognized leader.


Learn the competencies necessary to be an effective healthcare marketing professional from one of the most recognizable healthcare brands in the world. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the value of studying consumer behavior, the healthcare environment, your competition and your own organization. Additional focus will be placed on appropriate metrics associated with various marketing tactics to monitor and improve effectiveness and how they can be used to drive marketing decisions.

Objectives include:

  • Appreciate the required elements and process of developing healthcare marketing strategy and translate strategy into a comprehensive plan in support of business objectives
  • Determine what tracking and analysis is required to evaluate all marketing programs and how to effectively report results
  • Identify structures and assets required to deliver internal communications, external communications and marketing plans for a health care organization
  • Learn the importance of evaluating marketing channels and allocating resources across channels


Tour Cleveland Clinic’s pharmacy operations and discover how Cleveland Clinic uses cutting-edge inpatient and outpatient dispensing systems, automated carousel system and electronic medication tracking to maximize quality assurance. Gain insights into the practice of pharmacy and the key role pharmacy team members play in delivering quality patient care and patient satisfaction.

Quality and Patient Safety

Delivering optimal clinical outcomes and preventing harm to patients and caregivers is central to quality health care. You will gain insight in to Cleveland Clinic's approach for delivering highly reliable, value based care and strategies for local and organizational quality improvement projects that can benefit their home organizations.

Focus areas can include:

  • Accreditation
  • Clinical Risk and Patient Safety
  • Environment of Care and Occupational Safety
  • Infection Prevention
  • Quality data Registries
  • Quality Management
  • Quality Improvement
    • Setting Goals
    • Performance Management
  • Radiation Safety

The Digital Age of Medicine: Connecting Healthcare the Cleveland Clinic Way

Healthcare delivery is a complex process requiring access to timely and appropriate information to guide clinical and operational decisions. Understanding that technology is only useful if designed to deliver a better clinical experience that is reliable and consistent, you will gain insights into the importance of human factors in successfully managing technologic endeavors. Join our Cleveland Clinic IT experts and experience the future of technology as it relates to healthcare. Incorporating didactic and experiential opportunities, you will learn about our vision to change the world by disrupting healthcare though digital innovation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the key elements of an enterprise digital transformation strategy
  • Discuss the key learnings from the ongoing digital transformation at Cleveland Clinic
  • Identify the major tools that are disrupting the industry and how to leverage them to maximize clinical outcomes
  • Examine ways to engage patients through technological innovations
  • Gain access to exclusive content from our subject matter experts who are driving organizational development initiatives
  • Engage with national and international leaders to learn best technology practices


Your three-day experience examines Cleveland Clinic model of healthcare in your functional area, followed by presentations and discussions from caregivers eager to share ideas and strategies for success.

Please contact Global Executive Education at executiveeducation@ccf.org to learn more about your Cleveland Clinic Way: Intensives interest.

Admission, Tuition & Program Dates

Admission, Tuition & Program Dates


$4,000 USD 

Includes course materials, campus transportation and program meals

Program date is subject to change if minimum registration of 3 participants per Intensive Area is not met.

The Cleveland Clinic Way: Intensives series is delivered in English.

Please contact Global Executive Education at executiveeducation@ccf.org to request Cleveland Clinic Way: Intensives information.