An elective rotation at Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine will expose residents to an innovative, patient-oriented healthcare delivery model that is unique both clinically and operationally. Residents will learn what it means to identify the ‘root cause’ of disease in order to restore health and the value of patient-centered care.

Residents will appreciate the value of specific esoteric laboratory tests and basic therapeutic approaches to address common chronic conditions. At the completion of the rotation, residents will be able to prepare an effective Functional Medicine management plan for a patient.

Residents will spend the majority of their time with Clinical staff and designated time with other integral members of the clinical team. All educational materials are available online through Cleveland Clinic’s MyLearning platform.


All Residents must be a current Resident in a Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Pediatric program.

Knowledge of Functional Medicine is preferred, but not required.

How to apply

If you are visiting Resident in a Family Medicine, Internal Medicine or Pediatric program, you may apply.

Please note that a temporary training certificate is required for all rotating Residents.

Contact us

For more information, please contact:

Erik Modlo, MD
Program Director, Center for Functional Medicine