Center for Continuing Education (CME)

Medical professionals depend on the reliable, up-to-date continuing medical education (CME) programs that Cleveland Clinic has provided for 80-plus years. Our continuing education program is certified at the highest level (“with commendation”) by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. Educational opportunities include live courses and online activities via the Center for Continuing Education website.

Simulation and Advanced Skills Center

Simulated scenarios and high-tech equipment (including human patient simulators that breathe, bleed, respond to drugs and more) let healthcare teams gain hands-on experience in a low-stress, low-risk environment with our Simulation and Advanced Skills Center. Teams use simulation to build skills, videotaping scenarios for later review to learn what went right and which decisions could be improved. Healthcare professionals both inside and outside of Cleveland Clinic use the center to advance their minimally invasive and robotic surgery skills.

Scientific Publications/Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine

This center oversees the production and publication of Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine (CCJM). Published since 1932, CCJM is a monthly indexed, national peer-reviewed medical journal that delivers timely, practical clinical content, in print and online, to thousands of practicing physicians. Focusing on internal medicine and cardiology, CCJM is one of the most widely read journals among physicians in these clinical areas.

Center for International Medical Education

Each year, thousands of physicians, fellows, residents, medical students, administrators and alumni from around the world visit Cleveland Clinic for shadowing experiences, which can last up to several weeks through the Center for International Medical Education. These healthcare professionals come to Cleveland Clinic to discover innovations in medicine and surgery and to learn how we operate, with the goal of taking their new knowledge back to their country.