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Eva Bat-Cirjak 

Medical Illustrations

The Center for Medical Art and Photography copyrights and licenses all imagery produced by its artists and photographers.

  • All visual intellectual property requests require Cleveland Clinic approval
  • Licensing fees may apply (nonprofit organizations generally are exempt)
  • Licensing fees are determined by proposed use and range from $100 per image for non-commercial purposes to $500 per image for commercial purposes (limited to internal academic training only)
  • Cleveland Clinic does not endorse any commercial products and will not supply imagery for external commercial use
  • Requests are processed within 10 working days
  • We provide all permissions for printing or posting, while maintaining ownership/copyright

To request licensing, please provide:

  1. Name of intended book, journal, periodical or production
  2. Name and contact information of publisher and editor
  3. Requesting author name and Cleveland Clinic-associated staff names
  4. Artwork, photo or images to be licensed (please provide copy)
  5. Title of intended article, chapter or production
  6. Usage: print and/or online

Jeff Loerch

Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine

  • Licensing fees vary depending on content and usage
  • We license articles, elements within articles, collections of articles and supplements

Peter Studer

CME Materials

  • Licensing fees vary depending on content and usage

Peter Studer